January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today is a momentous and historical day in the life of the United States and its impact has been felt with mixed tears of joy and sadness.

Joy, that the people of America have broken down the last racial barrier and, for the most part, gathered behind a man born of an African immigrant to lead this nation. Today, we take one more step closer to extinguishing the evil of racism that has plagued our land.

On the other hand others today look upon this with sadness.

Sadness, that many of us could not support the first African-American president of America by voting because of his staunch opposition to the pro-life cause and his defense of homosexual "marriage".

However, whatever your sentiment, we all as Americans and as Christians need to support our president where we can. None of us should wish failure upon our president, though I know many will. His failure would not be beneficial to anyone, in this country or abroad.

Instead, we need to pray for our president. God is in control and He has raised up President Obama to lead this nation and there is no sense contending against God. We need to pray that God protects him during this time and that He grants President Obama with the wisdom and strength to guide this country.

Also, we need to pray that God watches over his family and in particular his little girls as they adjust to these dramatic changes in their lives.

And lastly, as Christians, we need to pray that God would change President Obama's heart and bring him into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and in so doing raise up a powerful witness to His glory and providence; and an advocate for the life of every human being created in God's image. These are my daily prayers and I hope they will be yours as well.




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