January 27, 2009

The Freedom of Choice Act

Though I would not wish to elevate my political concerns above my concern for the Gospel of Christ to be spread, I think it is urgent that as many people as possible understand what is happening in our country right now.

President Obama stated before he took office that when he was elected, the first piece of legislation he would sign into law would be the Freedom of Choice Act. If you have not heard of this bill, or even if you have, you need to understand its significance.

If passed, the FOCA would effectively make abortion a guaranteed right protected on the same level of the first amendment right of free speech and so on. It would "invalidate all current and future statutes, ordinances, regulations, administrative orders, decisions, policies, or practices--at any level of government--that regulate or restrict abortion in any way..." This means, among other things, that this act would:

1. Prohibit any laws that would require parental notification or consent to receive an abortion.

2. Reverse the current ban of the gruesome procedure of partial birth abortion against the opinion of the majority of Americans.

3. Make it illegal for doctors to refuse performing any abortion on the basis of conscience.

This is in direct contradiction to President Obama's statement that he would like to reduce the number of abortions.

My prayer and my hope is that God will change President Obama's heart and that President Obama will change his mind. Please join me in this prayer. In addition to prayer, there are a few things we can do.

To fight this, there are some making resources available, such as this flier. Also, there are few ways we can help. E-mail everyone you know, tell your friends, or even write a letter to your senator. But whatever the case, the word needs to get out. And whatever you do, make sure to keep praying. Without God on our side, we have no hope to win this fight.

Here's the challenge. Now, what are you going to do about it?




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