January 28, 2009

Glimpses of Jesus

Monday was my pastor's birthday and in celebration of it Sunday night, the smaller chidren at the church sang him "Happy Birthday." Afterwards, they went up and threw handfuls of confetti at him.

As they did, he laughed a heartfelt laugh of pure joy that resonated through his entire being, and I was reminded of Jesus and the little children. I imagined how Jesus must have laughed as the small children climbed over Him and played with Him. I imagined the warm smile on His face as He drew them into His arms and hugged them and blessed them.

Too often, we forget that God made joy and laughter. We picture Jesus as always serious and stern-faced. And surely, much of the time, Jesus was stern and He was serious about serious matters. But it is never good for us to only think about one aspect of Jesus' character. Yes, He was serious and stern, and even angry, when appropriate. But He also laughed and went to feasts and enjoyed time with others, recognizing that the time had not yet come when He will laugh together with those He loves as they rest in His perfect joy. But, He did laugh, and it would not be beneficial for us to forget that- Jesus is too big for us to put Him in a box.

Let us live like Jesus lived, and laugh like Jesus laughed. Let us not be too serious or wrapped up in the things that we face everyday. But instead, let us find the joy that is in Jesus and have a holy humor that recognizes the need to be serious at the proper time, but does not forget the blessing of laughter.

Jesus urged us to be like little children, and I do not think He had in mind a child who never laughs. I hope you'll laugh today and remember the God who gave you your humor.




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