August 26, 2010

The Gospel: the Greatest News in all the World

I'm just going to let this video speak for itself:

August 25, 2010

A New Season

For those of you reading this blog that might not know, last Wednesday I officially became a college student, and entered a new season of life. On the front in of this new change, I would like to tell you that God has certainly pressed a couple things on my heart.

The first is this, that I am to use my time right now for God's glory and according to His will. Though I do plan on going to seminary after college and becoming a pastor at some point after that, I cannot live as if my life and ministry will not start until then. What a horrible thing it would be to waste this college experience when there is so much to do. Instead, by God's grace, and as much as I am able, I intend to spread the Gospel, learn from the Word and others, encourage other believers, and continue to grow in living out a life that is pleasing to Him. This is where God wants me to be right now.

The second thing that God is really pressing on my heart is the need to be bold in spreading His name anywhere I go. There are so many people who need to hear the Gospel. My prayer is that God would help me to make the most of every opportunity (Ephesians 5:15-16) and that I would be able to say, with Paul that "I am not ashamed of the Gospel" (Romans 1:16).

I just pray that, in the end, my time here is glorifying to God. Soli Deo Gloria.

August 15, 2010

5 People I'd Love to Meet

The following list is limited to those that I'd admire who are living in the United States presently. There are many people throughout history and around the world who I would love to meet, however I have limited it this way for simplicity.

Also, this list is more representative than exact. That is, there are other people who I would be honored to meet for the same reasons as some of those on this list.

1. John Piper- At a young age, I was drawn to the power of God through the preaching and passion of John Piper. I have learned countless things from his teaching, foremost of which is his classic phrase that "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. John Piper is without a doubt my biggest hero that I've never met. I would love few things more than just to sit and talk with this man whom God has used and exalt in the glory of God with him.

2. Steven Curtis Chapman- I have long respected and appreciated the musical work of Steven Curtis Chapman. Several of his songs still remain among my all-time favorites. However, I do not put Mr. Chapman on this list for his creative abilities. Rather, Steven Curtis Chapman is one of the greatest modern examples of faith in the midst of loss, in my opinion.

In 2008, Mr. Chapman's youngest daughter, Marie Sue was killed in an accident at the Chapman home. Though must have been unimaginably painful, in less than a year Mr. Chapman and his family were on Larry King expressing their deep faith in Christ, even among such sorrow. I would love to sit down and talk with this man who has suffered so much and remained faithful to God in the midst of such incomprehensible loss.

3. Joni Eareckson Tada- A quadriplegic, Joni Eareckson Tada has also been an amazing testimony to the love and goodness of God in incredible suffering. Ms. Tada has been in a wheelchair since she was in her late teens, and she has used the majority of her time since then sharing with others how God saved her and worked such horrific circumstances for His glory. I'm amazed at this woman who God has used so mightily and would love to sit down and learn from her.

4. Billy Graham- Billy Graham has been preaching and spreading the Gospel for just a few decades short of a century. He has been all over the world and won more respect worldwide than virtually anyone else alive. In a day in which we so many men and women of faith, politicians, musicians, leaders, and heroes of all kinds fall in the worst ways, it is refreshing to see one man who has stood faithfully for so long. It would be an immense blessing to sit down and talk with this stalwart and longstanding figure of the faith.

5. Glenn Beck- You may be surprised that I would include Glenn Beck among the likes of John Piper and Billy Graham. However, my immense respect for Mr. Beck has nothing at all to do with his religious views and little to do with his political views. Instead, I place Glenn Beck on this list because, despite the fact that he is perhaps the most hated man in the media and has been disowned from people on every side of the aisle, he has seemed to speak his honest opinions with a boldness I would love to emulate. It would be quite exciting to sit down with this man and, if he is truly who he claims to be, talk about the world.

These are some of the men and women who have inspired me throughout my life. I would be blessed to sit down for an hour with any one of these examples of courage, faith, passion, faithfulness, and boldness.

Who would you like to meet if you had your choice?

August 2, 2010

Randy Alcorn Makes Minimum Wage?

Mark Driscoll, over at The Resurgence, interviews Randy Alcorn about why he can no longer earn above minimum wage. It's a video well worth watching.



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