December 15, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Growing up with a dad who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, my family did not always celebrate Christmas and when we did we had few traditions that carried from one year to the next. One that we do keep now, however, is that my sisters and I open one gift on Christmas Eve while opening the rest the next morning.

John Piper wrote in a Taste and See article several years ago about his family's traditions. I recommend you check out the article and the Biblical basis behind his traditions.

So, my question is, what are your Christmas traditions?


Mollie said...

In my family, many traditions surround the decorating of the Christmas tree. First, my sister and I brainstorm what we're going to name it. Gertrude? Brutus? We normally forget what we named it very promptly and refer to it as "the tree." It's probably wise to not get too attached, though, since it ends up at the curb by January 5th. :( Traditionally, Dad untangles the ornament hooks while Mom, Katie and I decorate and we all jam to Kenny G's very mellow Christmas album.



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