December 13, 2010

Did Jesus Get Sick?

Russell Moore always does a great job of answering questions with insight and candor. His latest question deals with whether or not Jesus got sick, something that may seem inconsequential on its face, but I think Dr. Moore answers this question particularly well. Check it out:

It just doesn’t seem right to us to imagine Jesus feverish or vomiting. But that’s precisely the scandal. It didn’t seem right to many to imagine Jesus as really flesh and bone, filled with blood and intestines and urine. Somehow that seemed to detract from his deity. It surely didn’t seem right to many to imagine the only begotten of the Father twisting in pain on a crucifixion stake, screaming as he drowned in his own blood. This was humiliating, undignified. That’s just the point. Jesus joined us in our humiliation, in our indignity.


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defrostingwindows said...

Love this kind of discussion! I've been thinking...Jesus sweated blood. If you or sweated blood, they would send us to the emergency room and say, "This man is sick, treat him now!" Jesus had a "doctor" on site! Luke 22 tells us that an angel had been dispatched to "strengthen" Him. The Healer needed actual physical aid from an outside source because He was also a man. In High School before a football game, I would get the "butterflies" and throw up. If Jesus reached the point of sweating blood, I guarantee that He had already thrown up everything long before that. Jesus can relate to cancer patients taking chemo. He knows what it's like to be severely nauseated. If He needed one angel to treat Him while sweating blood, then what was going on that Jesus needed a team of angels to help Him recover from the wilderness experience (Matt.4:11)? If interested, check out my blog entry.



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