February 19, 2010

The Tragedy of Tiger Woods

As many know, Tiger Woods gave a public speech today for the first time since his marital infidelties were revealed about 3 months ago. I will not pretend to commend or defend what he has done. His actions were horrible and it grieves me to see such a previously respected and honored person fall. However, I would like to note some postitive things I heard and the one thing I wish he would have said.

First of all, I am encouraged that Woods realized that he is solely responsible for what he has done. Unlike many public figures who have "confessed" their sins before the people, Woods did not skirt around his own guilt or try to blame anyone but himself. He admitted that he was the only one who was unfaithful and it was his fault alone.

The second thing that I respect I about his speech is that he recognized his own pride. He mentioned how he was selfish and thought of himself above the rules. The fame and money got to his head and he considered it his right to give into temptation. (Also, I would add that he made it easy to give in to temptation by letting himself be without accountability).

The last thing that I want to commend is that Woods defended his wife even as he is possibly facing a divorce. The fact that he made it a point to dispel all rumors of domestic violence on her part is (deservedly) respectful even in this tragedy.

All of that being said, and even though Woods' acceptance of responsibility for his actions is good, I find it no less than tragic that his conclusion was also focused on himself. Woods made sure to assure others that he would do better, seek help and get back to his Buddhist roots. Sadly, his own work will never be enough to "atone" for what he has done. The only hope that Tiger Woods, along with everyone else, has is the forgiveness and atonement that is found in Christ Jesus who died. His death is the only thing that will wash Tiger Woods' guilt away. Jesus' death and resurrection is the only hope that Tiger Woods has, the only hope that anyone has.

Please join me in prayer that Tiger Woods will know that hope for himself.




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