June 23, 2009

Pierced for Our Transgressions

Penal Substitution. The sad fact is that most Christians have probably not heard of this crucial doctrine that lies at the very heart of the Gospel, or at least not in a way that is clearly defensible and biblically supported. And yet it is under attack at both the insitutional, academic level as well as the level of the average church member.

For these reasons, Steve Jeffrey, Michael Ovey, and Andrew Sach have released their joint book entitled Pierced for Our Transgressions: Rediscovering the Glory of Penal Substitution, which I have been reading recently. In their book, the three authors give an intelligent and thorough, yet accesible, explanation and defense of penal substitution. I would suggest every Christian read at least the first half of this book, which is the biblical and historical explanation of this glorious doctrine. But that's not to downplay the second half of the book which is just as useful in that it answers every objection to penal substitution that these men could find. The book as a whole is edifying and enlightening and one that I would highly recommend.




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